July 15, 2013
By Helen Hassard
Membership and Chapter Coordinator

Helen HassardWe’re not quite at that time of year yet, but I want to give you a head’s-up that your membership renewals will arrive in early September.

As everyone’s lives and businesses can take unexpected changes at any time, I wanted to remind you to keep us in the loop if your business has moved and your contact information has changed. Also, if you haven’t accounted for the cost of membership yet, make sure you do.

Most members who take advantage of the discounts say the membership more than pays for itself and that’s not including intangible benefits. For those of you who aren’t aware of the benefits of membership, or are not taking full advantage, here are some of the ways your membership will help your bottom line.

Endorsed suppliers

LO, in conjunction with CNLA, has worked out deals for our members with a wide range of companies, such as GM, RBC, Esso, Mark’s Work Warehouse, etc. The full list of endorsed suppliers and the discount you receive can be found at www.horttrades.com/endorsedsuppliers.

Seminars and certification

As a member you save around $80 per seminar. Also, if your company is a member of LO, then all of your employees are automatically members as well, and can use the discounts. Seminars run in the winter months. You may go online to register at www.horttrades.com/seminars.

Chapter meetings and events

All nine of our chapters have at least five meetings a year and a range of special events. These offer you an opportunity to network with peers in the industry and probably learn something new. Most meetings are free and all employees are welcome to attend.


All active members of LO are recognized on the online LO directory and gain access to our logo and free marketing materials. Active member companies are listed on on the Find a Professional page at www.landscapeontario.com. Associate member companies are listed on www.horttrades.com/membership/associate.php.

Discounts on booths at trade shows

You receive a discount per square foot on your booth at Congress, Expo and GreenTrade Expo. Rates vary, based on the show. Contact our trade show department for more information.

Advertising benefits

You receive a discount on advertising in both Landscape Trades and Landscape Ontario magazine. Both magazines annually reach thousands of industry professionals. To obtain a rate card, visit our website www.horttrades.com and look under shows, media and awards.

Meeting space

Finding a meeting venue or training facility in the GTA is not easy task and can cost your company big time. LO home office, just off the 401 in Milton, welcomes members to utilize the space for their business needs. There are numerous meetings, seminars and events held at home office each year, so booking well in advance is important.

Remember, for easy payment of membership dues, you can pay online at www.horttrades.com/dues. All you need is your renewal invoice and credit card information.

Keep in mind that not all benefits apply to every membership type, so if you’re not sure about what you are entitled to, go online to www.horttrades.com/membership/categories.php, or contact me directly at helen@landscapeontario.com. If you signed up as a new member this year, please note that your membership renewal invoice will be pro-rated to show that you paid for a full year at the time you became a valued member of Landscape Ontario.